Can I still fit plastic consumer units?

For the remainder of the year either plastic or metal consumer units can be installed in a domestic premise, although there is nothing precluding earlier compliance with the amended regulations. From 1 January onwards plastic consumer units can still be fitted but only in non-domestic installations.

No, when installing a new circuit to an existing installation, after 1st January 2016, providing there is a spare way on the existing consumer unit, or if you utilise an existing way, there is no requirement to upgrade the consumer unit from a plastic product to a new metal type.

do consumer units have to be metal? So what are the main reasons metal consumer units are required by the BS7671: Non-Combustible (Electricians are required by the regulations to fit consumer units out of non-combustible materials which is usually metal). It’s not uncommon for overheating to occur inside consumer units when faulty connections arise.

Also, can you use a plastic consumer unit in a garage?

Can a plastic style consumer unit be fitted in a detached garage or shed / out-building? Yes, providing a risk assessment is carried out to say that, in the event of a fire, flames would not spread to the main dwelling.

What code is a plastic consumer unit?


Can I fit a new consumer unit myself?

PowerBoy New Member You can replace your consumer unit without disconnecting the power as long as you’re careful. Also, if you want or need to replace the meter tails to the consumer unit, you must involve the electricity board who will wire them into the sealed meter for you.

Are old fuse boxes illegal?

In short No. Unsafe Yes, Non-compliant with the current regulations (BS7671:2008) Yes, but not illegal! If the fusebox is old and has fuse wire type fuses, it is worth upgrading it, as modern ones have RCD protection built in, which will literally save your life in the event of a fault.

Do I need to change my plastic fuse box?

Old consumer units, including rewirable fuse boxes, do not need to be changed so long as they still provide adequate protection, even if they are plastic, although in the case of rewirable fuse boxes it is highly recommended that they are changed for a modern consumer unit as circuit breakers offer faster reaction

How often should a consumer unit be checked?

RCDs are an important safety device which should be tested every six months. There should be a label present on the consumer unit and it will advise how and when to test the RCD. This can be done by pressing the button marked ‘T’ or ‘Test’.

Is a plastic consumer unit a c3?

For inspections carried out after 1st Jan 2016, a C3 is recommended for any consumer unit or similar switchgear with a combustible (plastic) enclosure only when it is located under a wooden staircase or within a sole route of escape.

Does a consumer unit have to be mounted on wood?

SELECT answer: You can secure surface-mounted consumer units on to wooden back boards. However, the amount of back plate removed should be restricted to ensure that the unit remains a suitable enclosure for unsheathed cables. In simple terms, the hole in the unit should be smaller than the hole in the backboard.

What is a consumer unit electrical?

A consumer unit is a type of distribution board (a component of an electrical power system within which an electrical power feed provides supply to subsidiary circuits).

When did metal consumer units come into force?

17th Edition Amendment 3 of BS 7671:2008 came into effect in July 2015 and stressed the importance of enhanced fire risk protection. 1st January 2016 marks the implementation of the switch to metal clad consumer units for all new electrical installations and designs.

Where should a consumer unit be installed?

Approved Document M recommends that in new dwellings, switches, sockets and other equipment should be located between 450mm and 1200mm from finished floor level, it also suggests that consumer units are mounted so that the switches are between 1350mm and 1450mm above floor level.

What is dual RCD?

A ‘Dual RCD Consumer Unit’ is supplied with the main switch and two RCDs and offers a cheaper solution. You should not, for example put all the lighting circuits on the same RCD as an earth leakage fault on one of those circuits will cut power to the whole bank, leaving you without any lighting.

What is a 17th edition consumer unit?

17th Edition Consumer Units. From DIYWiki. Following the 2008 changes to the wiring regulations most circuits are now required to be RCD protected and a new type of Consumer unit has become popular for use in domestic properties. This is commonly called a 17th Edition Consumer Unit.

How long does it take to change a fuse board?

approximately 4 hours

What height should a fuse board be?

Question: Should the height of trip switches and consumer units (fuse boxes), which are normally positioned at least 1200mm above floor level to avoid tampering by children, be within the 450mm to 1200mm height range specified in Section 8?