How do I add groovy?

The basic command for Groovy is “-play” – visit a voice channel, and type “-play [song name]” and Groovy will start playing it. It’s that easy! Don’t judge me. (You can type “-stop” to hush Groovy up.)

The basic command for Groovy is “-play” – visit a voice channel, and type “-play [song name]” and Groovy will start playing it. It’s that easy! Don’t judge me. (You can type “-stop” to hush Groovy up.)

Furthermore, what can Groovy Bot play? Groovy is a great option due to its uptime and ease of use. It supports YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, and allows song shuffling, seeking, queuing, displaying lyrics, and a permissions system to restrict the bot to certain roles or users.

Beside above, how do I activate Groovy?

To start using Groovy, first join a voice channel. Then, use the -play command to tell Groovy to play a song. The bot will automatically join your voice channel and then play the requested song. For a full list of commands, click here!

Can groovy bot play Spotify?

Groovy. Discord Bots. The best music bot for Discord. Supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more!

What is groovy used for?

Apache Groovy is an Object-oriented programming language used for Java platform. This dynamic language has many features which are similar to Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, and Pero. It can be used as a scripting language for the Java platform.

Why is groovy BOT lagging?

Laggy/Glitchy/Distorted/No Audio. Sometimes, Groovy’s audio may disappear or sound laggy/glitchy/distorted. The vast majority of the time, this is caused by Discord’s voice servers. The easiest way to fix it is to switch your voice server region to a different one and then to switch it back.

What’s the best discord bot?

6 of the Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server Groovy. A newcomer on the Discord music bot scene, Groovy keeps things nice and simple, allowing members on a Discord channel to queue up a playlist of songs from many of the most popular music sources on the Internet. MEE6. RED. Dyno. Tatsumaki. Pancake.

What is the best music bot for discord?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best Discord music bots you should download. Fredboat. Fredboat is one of the most famous music bots out there and for a good reason. Groovy. Groovy is another feature-rich music bot that you can get for your Discord server. Rythm. Vexera. 24/7.

How do I put my music bot on discord on my phone?

Steps Tap Music. This displays a list of bots that can be used for music-listening. Tap View to learn more about a bot. Tap INVITE on the bot you want to install. Sign in to Discord. Select a server. Tap AUTHORIZE. Tap I’m not a robot. Open Discord.

How do I use Groovy on Spotify?

Using Spotify with Groovy Click the More button (it should appear as three dots) Click on Copy Playlist/Song/Album/Artist Link under the Share menu. -play [link you just copied]

How do I use Spotify bot on discord?

Discord On desktop, download the Discord app and open it. Click Connections in the menu on the left. Click Spotify. A web page will open to connect. If you’re not already logged into Spotify on the device, you’re directed to log in or sign up first. Click OKAY to confirm.

How do I remove songs from my queue in discord?

remove (or delete ) Removes the song at the provided position in the queue. You can only remove songs that you added, unless you are an Admin or have the specified DJ role.

How do I exit Groovy shell?

You can exit the Datomic Groovy Shell with exit or Ctrl+D.