How do I lubricate my furnace motor?

Lubricate bearings if necessary

If the motor has oil ports, it should be lubricated annually. Apply two or three drops of 10-weight nondetergent motor oil (not all-purpose oil) to each port. Do not overlubricate. If the blower shaft has oil ports, it, too, should be lubricated annually, following the same procedure.

One may also ask, how do you lubricate an engine? Electric Motor Bearing Lubrication Procedure

  1. Ensure the grease gun contains the appropriate lubricant.
  2. Clean the areas around the relief and fill fittings.
  3. Remove the grease relief valve or drain plug.
  4. Grease the bearing with a calculated amount of grease.
  5. Watch for grease coming out the relief port.

Also to know is, can you use wd40 on furnace motor?

old fuel oil furnace’s blower motor sprayed with wd40 by a family member.. wd40 is actually more of a penetrating oil, not much of a lubricant. It is great in it’s own way but go with the Zoom spout or 3-in-one type machine oil.

Can you grease a blower motor?

Take the blower motor out, get a can of aerosol electric motor cleaner and spray the motor with it. You shouldn’t have to grease or lubricate an electric motor, if the brushes are going bad you just replace the motor.

How long does it take to replace a furnace blower motor?

DIY or Pro Installation: It’s going to take a furnace repair technician between 45 minutes and 90 minutes to replace the motor, clean the fan, adjust the motor, test it and put the furnace back together.

What weight is 3 in 1 oil?

Product FAQs 3-IN-ONE® Motor Oil is a special blend of high-grade oils that’s equivalent to SAE 20 engineered for 1/4 HP and larger motors. The motor oil formulation is ideal for lubricating the moving parts of electric motors.

How do I quiet a noisy furnace?

Fix the weak spots. If the ductwork in your furnace is faulty, the furnace will produce a banging sound because of the oil-canning. Fix the gas ignition problem. Replace dirty filters. Fill the gaps in the ducts. Resize your air ducts. Fix the loose parts. Repair your ductwork. Fix the motor.

Can you oil an electric motor?

Electric motor oil Whenever you have to lubricate an electric pump, bench grinder or other electric motor, don’t pull just any oil off the shelf. Instead, pick up electric motor oil, like 3-In-One electric motor oil (about $3 at amazon). Don’t use automotive motor oil! It’s too “thin” for electric motors.

What is the best lubricant for an electric motor?

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant composed of a base oil, a thickener and additives. These components are combined in complex chemical reactions under controlled temperatures and pressures. The base oil used in greases may be mineral or synthetic. Mineral oils are adequate for most electric motor bearing applications.

What kind of oil do you use in a condenser fan motor?

I recommend yearly lubricating your condenser fan motor’s sleeve bearings with an ISO 32 turbine oil. Top lubricants would be Amsoil’s RCH Series, Synthetic RC Series Rust & Oxidation/Antiwear Gear, Bearing, and Hydraulic Oil, or Exxon Mobil’s SHC624 Synthetic Motor Lubricant.