What does Nimble Storage do?

Nimble Storage produced hardware and software products for data storage, specifically data storage arrays that use the iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols and includes data backup and data protection features. Nimble is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The new HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are meant to give customers a financial advantage by delivering up to three times the price performance and protect customer investments over the long term by allowing them to take advantage of Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe.

Additionally, how much does Nimble Storage Cost? The starting end-user price of under $40,000 includes 11 TBs of raw capacity, three years of support, and the full range of storage services Nimble Storage provides for its other systems. The new model includes an all-inclusive software license with flat support pricing and no forklift upgrades required.

Similarly one may ask, how does Nimble Storage Work?

The Nimble Solution uses inline serialization of all incoming write I/O’s. This means Nimble can use traditional 7,200 RPM low cost, spinning disk hard disk drives to achieve SSD-like performance, allowing Nimble Storage to provide more cost-effective solutions.

What is nimble InfoSight?

The Nimble Storage InfoSight Portal is a secure, cloud-based window into the. InfoSight Engine. Key features and functionality of the InfoSight Portal include: Event-Based Alerting.

Did HP buy nimble?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images Hewlett Packard Enterprise is buying the flash-storage company Nimble Storage for $12.50 a share, or about $1 billion. HPE will also assume or pay out Nimble’s unvested equity awards, which are worth about $200 million. HPE in January bought SimpliVity, a storage startup, for $650 million.

Who makes Nimble Storage?

Nimble Storage Type Subsidiary Products AF-Series Predictive All Flash arrays: AF1000, AF3000, AF5000, AF7000, AF9000 CS-Series Adaptive Flash arrays: CS1000/H, CS3000, CS5000, CS7000 Number of employees 1000+ Parent Hewlett Packard Enterprise Website www.hpe.com/storage/nimble

Who bought Nimble Storage?

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

What is HPE storage?

In computing, HPE Storage (formerly HP StorageWorks), a portfolio of HPE storage products, includes online storage, near-online (nearline) storage, storage networking, archiving, de-duplication, and storage software. HP has developed many industry-first storage technologies to simplify network storage.

What is HPE InfoSight?

HPE InfoSight is an industry-leading predictive analytics platform that brings software-defined intelligence to the data center with the ability to predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they happen.

What is HPE MSA?

HPE Modular Smart Array (MSA) Storage is an affordable industry-leading, entry-level consolidation solution that provides the most storage capacity for your investment. Simple – Share storage without the learning curve.

What is HPE com?

HPE is a business-focused organization with two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services. It also spun off its software business and merged it with Micro Focus.

What is Nimble Storage mission statement?

The mission statement of Nimble Storage is to “Accelerate digital transformation by giving users the fastest, most reliable access to data on-premise and in the cloud” (Nimble Storage, 2017).

What average of issues does HPE InfoSight automatically open and resolve on behalf of the customer?

HPE InfoSight predicts and automatically resolves 86% of customer issues.