What is a cable bite for?

CABLE BITES are accessories for iPhone official lightning cables. CABLE BITE animals attached to your charging cable and appear to be biting onto your smartphone. Their cute expressions will bring a smile to your face while protecting the most sensitive part of your charging cable – where the cord meets the plug.

Would this work with an Android phone cord as well? Answer: Hello, cable bite SOLELY fits Apple’s cable connector and iPhone’s thickness. It is NOT Comaptible with Android phones such as Samsung, LG, etc.

Additionally, what are bytes cable protectors? Bytes Cable Protector & Adapter Charge Pack. If you’re worried about the shelf life of your charging cables, fret no longer: Bytes by tzumi are here to save your gear. These cute little cable-savers slide onto a cord’s charging connector head, hugging it tightly to prevent from unnecessary damage during daily use.

Just so, do cable bites work for Samsung?

CABLE BITES protect your cables from rips and tears. Use on a Wide Range of Cables: Compatible with most Smartphones (Android & Apple devices) such as iPhone, iPad, Google, Samsung, HTC, best fits connectors no wider than 10mm and many more devices.

How do you pet proof cables?

Wrap cords. Use corrugated wire loom tubing or plastic spiral wrap, which are available from many office supply and other stores. Some tubing and wrap may not be strong enough to protect cords from persistent pets. PVC piping is a sturdier option, but is also less flexible.

How do cable protectors work?

Cable protectors work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug. They should be made of a flexible material like rubber, to allow the cable to flex slightly when pressure is applied. If the cable protector does not flex, it merely moves the point of weakness further up the cable.