What is Chavos?

Chavo is a Spanish name which means “kid”, and may refer to: Chavo Guerrero Sr., a professional wrestler. Chavo Guerrero Jr., a professional wrestler who is best known for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment.

The most common word for “money” in Puerto Rico is chavos. The word chavo for money is also shared with Cuba and Dominican Republic. In other Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico and Bolivia this word means a young boy.

Similarly, what is Malo in Spanish? Malo is a common Spanish adjective meaning “bad” or in some way undesirable. The translation can vary depending on context. Its feminine form is mala, and through the process of apocopation, which is shortening, it can become mal when it comes before a singular masculine noun.

Keeping this in consideration, what does Chavita mean?

This name derives from the Latin “salvātŏr”, which is based on the Latin verb “salvare”, literally means “the savior, the one who saves”. Of clear religious meaning, the name comes from the translation of the Ancient Greek “sōt?r (σωτήρ), literally savior, deliverer, preserver.

How do Mexicans say money?

Using Slang Terms for Money. Use “plata” for money. This is a very common slang term throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The literal meaning is “silver,” but you can use it almost exactly like you’d use “dinero.”

Is Plata slang for money?

If you want to say the word for “money” in Spanish, you would generally say “dinero” or “el dinero.” However, a fairly common slang term for money is “plata.” And you can easily find a few dozen other terms across the Spanish-speaking world.

What does Chavo del Ocho mean?

The show is centered around the adventures and tribulations of the title character—a poor orphan nicknamed “El Chavo” (which means “The Kid”), played by the show’s creator, Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”—and other inhabitants of a fictional low-income housing complex, or, as called in Mexico, vecindad.

Who died from El Chavo?

Roberto Gomez Bolanos

What does Buenos mean in English?

interjection Spanish. good; all right.

What is the meaning of Grande?

Grande means “large” or “great” in many of the Romance languages.

How do you say you’re mean in Spanish?

you’re mean to me. eres malo conmigo.

What is the difference between Mal and Malo in Spanish?

Mal is the short form of the same adjective, malo, and is only used BEFORE masculine nouns as in ” mal hombre” = bad man or ” mal día ” = bad day. In connection with bad or poorly health you would use ” estar malo ” = to be sick. Mal as an adverb can be used in many ways as ” hacer mal a uno ” = to hurt someone.