What is difference between EC and SC formulation?

Pesticides come in different formulations. One of them is Suspension concentrate (SC) formulation with a solid active ingredient dispersed in water. When EC formulations are diluted with water in the spray tank they form a spontaneous emulsion, with emulsion dr Pesticides come in different formulations.

An emulsifiable concentrate (EC) is a liquid formulation which contains technical material, one or more organic water-immiscible solvents and an emulsifier (such as a surfactant). When EC formulations are diluted with water in a spray tank they form a spontaneous emulsion.

Also, what is a flowable formulation? Description. A flowable formulation contains tiny. particles of active ingredient suspended in a. liquid (usually water) and milled to reduce the. average particle size.

Similarly, you may ask, what is SC formulation?

Suspension concentrate (SC) formulations are a solid active ingredient dispersed in water. SCs have grown in popularity due to benefits such as absence of dust, ease of use and effectiveness when compared to formulation types such as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and wettable powder (WP) formulations.

What are the types of pesticide formulation?

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Some Formulations2,3
SP Soluble powder
ULV Ultra-low-volume concentrate
WP Wettable powder
WDG Water-dispersible granule

What are the 4 types of pesticides?

Types of Pesticides Insecticides – insects. Herbicides – plants. Rodenticides – rodents (rats & mice) Bactericides – bacteria. Fungicides – fungi. Larvicides – larvae.

What does SC mean in pesticides?

Suspension concentrate

What does EC mean in chemistry?

Chemistry. Electrical conductivity of a solution. EC meter (electrical conductivity meter), measures the electrical conductivity in a solution.

What is GR formulation?

A powder formulation, which may contain water-insoluble formulants, to be applied as an oil-in-water emulsion of the active constituent(s) after dispersion in water. GR. Granules. A free-flowing solid formulation of a defined granule size range ready to use.

What is EC in chemistry?

A CAS number (Chemical Abstracts Service number) is a registration number for chemicals. EC numbers are used for chemical substances on the market within the EU. It is the number of a substance in either Einecs, Elincs or the No-Longer Polymers List.

What is WDG formulation?

Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) WDGs are a solid, non-dusty granular formulation which disperses or dissolves quickly when added to water in the spray tank to give a fine particle suspension. They provide a system for delivering solid active ingredients to a target organism.

What is WP formulation?

A WP is a powder formulation that forms a suspension when mixed with water prior to spraying. WP formulations consist of one or more active ingredients which are blended and mixed with inerts, diluents and surfactants. Wetting agents are used to facilitate the suspension of the particles in water.

What does emulsifiable mean?

Adjective. emulsifiable (comparative more emulsifiable, superlative most emulsifiable) That can be emulsified, or applied in an emulsion.

What is a suspension formulation?

? Suspensions are the biphasic liquid dosage form of medicaments in which the finely divided solid particles. ? Faster rate of dissolution and oral absorption than solid dosage forms, yet slower than solutions. ? Drugs that have very low solubility are usefully formulated as suspensions.

What is a suspension concentrate?

A suspension concentrate or flowable combines many of the characteristics of emulsifiable concentrates and wettable powders. The active ingredient in these formulations is usually a solid that does not dissolve in either water or oil. The powder is then suspended in a small amount of liquid (usually water).

What is soluble concentrate?

Soluble Concentrate is a clear to opalescent liquid, which can be applied as a solution of the active ingredient after dilution in water. The liquid may contain water-insoluble formulates. It is also known as soluble liquid.

What is the meaning of EC in pesticide?

Return to Insecticide Formulations, Insecticide Concentrates. An emulsifiable concentrate is simply a liquid concentrate that is added to water to create your pesticide solution. In most cases, EC is the designation for an emulsifiable insecticide (or fungicide) concentrate product.

What is SL in insecticide?

SC stands for Suspension Concentrate. SG stands for Soluble Granule. EC stands for Emulsifiable Concentrate. SL stands for Soluble Liquid.

What is water dispersible granules?

Water-dispersible granules, also known as dry flowables, are like wettable powders except instead of being dustlike, they are formulated as small, easily measured granules. Water-dispersible granules must be mixed with water to be applied. The formulation requires constant agitation to keep them suspended in water.