What is required to get married in Alabama?

Alabama requires people wanting to get married to be of certain ages: 16 (with parental consent) or 18 (without parental consent). There are no waiting periods, blood tests or residency requirements. Current marriage licenses are valid through Aug. 28, after that date couples must use the new forms.

Marriage Law Requirements for Alabama Marriage Certificate:

  • Legal Age With Parental Consent: 16.
  • Legal Age Without Parental Consent: 18.
  • Same Sex Marriage: Yes.
  • Waiting Period: None.
  • License Validity: 30 Days.
  • Blood Test: Not Required.
  • Residency: Not Required.
  • Witnesses: In Alabama witnesses are not required.

Likewise, what do you need to get married in Mobile Alabama? If you are 18 or older, to obtain a marriage certificate in Alabama you must bring one of the following forms of identification plus your Social Security card: A valid driver’s license. Non-Driver’s license. Passport.

Consequently, can you get married in Alabama without a license?

Starting Aug. 29, Alabama will no longer issue traditional marriage licenses. Instead, couples wanting to get wed will submit a notarized marriage certificate that will be recorded – but not issued – by Probate Judges.

Do you have to go to the courthouse to get married?

You can usually apply for your marriage license at any county clerks office in the state in which you want to be married. Some states require you to apply in the county clerks office in which you want to be married. Most states require a small fee, and receiving your marriage license usually takes a few days.

Can you marry your sister in Alabama?

I guess it is legal to marry your sister in Alabama after all. Any incestuous marriages are considered legitimate in Alabama. Issue of incestuous marriages not deemed illegitimate. The issue of any incestuous marriage, before the same is annulled, shall not be deemed illegitimate.

How much does a courthouse wedding cost in Alabama?

How much will it cost to get married? The cost to file and record a marriage certificate is between $70 and $104. The fee varies by county, but most charge around $70–75.

Can you apply for a marriage license and get married the same day?

In general, you can get a marriage licence on the same day that you apply. On your wedding day, you must give your marriage licence to the officiant (the person performing the marriage). A marriage licence is different from a marriage certificate. You apply for a marriage certificate after you get married.

How many times can you legally get married in Alabama?

There is no limit on the number of times a person can get married, as long as the person is only married to one person at a time. The person would have to divorce the prior spouse before getting a valid marriage to another person.

Can you get married online in Alabama?

A wedding ceremony may be performed, but a ceremony will no longer be required for a recognized marriage in Alabama. Persons wanting to marry may access the new marriage certificate form online at the Alabama Department of Public Health’s website at alabamapublichealth.gov/vitalrecords/marriage-certificates.html.

How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Alabama?

Most people place their Alabama marriage certificate order in less than 10 minutes!

Does Alabama recognize online ordination?

It also includes a pastor of a religious society. That opens the door to areas like online ordination, where a person can get ordained “in less than a minute,” by the 20-million minister strong Universal Life Church and be credentialed to perform a wedding ceremony in Alabama.

Can cousins marry in Alabama?

First cousins are allowed to marry each other in Alabama. This is because Alabama recognizes common law marriages. A common law marriage is one where two persons has mental capacity to enter into a marriage, have an agreement to be married, and carries themselves out in public as a married couple.

Can you marry your mom in Alabama?

In 2000, 1,198 children married in Alabama. Current Alabama law requires permission from both parents, judicial approval, and does not allow a pregnancy exception, which is a law that means a girl younger than 16 years old can marry if she is pregnant.

What counties in Alabama do not issue marriage licenses?

Two years after the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, eight Alabamian counties still refused to issue marriage licenses to any same-sex or opposite-sex couples: Autauga, Clarke, Cleburne, Covington, Elmore, Geneva, Pike and Washington. By June 2018, the same eight counties were still not issuing marriage licenses.

How much does the marriage license cost?

Cost. there is a $40 government fee for the Marriage Licence. contact a registry agent office as service fees vary. you must pay for the Marriage Licence before you receive it.

Can you get married over the Internet?

People can’t get legally married online since the internet is not a place or a legal entity in itself. It is possible, however, for the ceremony to take place through the net. Those wanting to get married online may just want to throw a fun ceremony, which is possible to do without a legal marriage.

How do I change my last name after marriage in Alabama?

Alabama Name Change Forms Any newlywed in Alabama changing their name needs to file the SS-5 form to update their social security card. Then the IRS 8822 to update their name associated with taxes.

What is the meaning of common law wife?

What is Common Law Marriage: A Definition. A common law marriage is one in which the couple lives together for a period of time and holds themselves out to friends, family and the community as “being married,” but without ever going through a formal ceremony or getting a marriage license.